Mark C. Gridley

America’s most widely used introduction to jazz.


He hits it on the head! ” -Dizzy Gillespie

…a cornerstone for any jazz book collection.” -American Library Association

…a broad, penetrating view of jazz history…luminously clear…” -Down Beat

…one of the most readable books about the inner workings of jazz…” -Cadence

…a work of immense value not only to educators and players, but also to nonmusicians and jazz fans of all persuasions …neat summaries of important jazz innovators and musical trends…Gridley’s enthusiasm for the subject is contagious without crossing into the ‘fan mail’ realm.” -Jazz Times

…Gridley’s educational work is jazz folks’ BIBLE, the First of all others…iconoclastic, brilliant, unique… provocative.” -Jazz Journalists’ Association

“…the most important jazz research book since Leonard Feather’s Encyclopedia of Jazz.” -High Fidelity & Stereo Review

Special Features

  • Jazz Classics CDs: 38 historic recordings by Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and others.
  • DEMO CD: 171 demonstrations of jazz sounds and methods.
  • Thirty-eight guides for listening to classic recordings
  • Appendix for nonmusicians explains the elements of music
  • Appendix for musicians illustrates comping, bass lines, modes, chord progressions
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